There is a hidden dark side to the world.

Nicodemus Flynn learned at a young age that although monsters, demons and the supernatural were generally considered works of fiction, such beings were actually very real... and the world was filled with them. When Nick saw first-hand how the more malevolent of them preyed upon humanity he decided to fight back, and it is a fight he continues to this day.

Now, an arrogant and power-hungry occultist has resurrected the Pariah, an ancient, savage and extremely powerful beast. Centuries ago, the Pariah was eventually killed by a man who sacrificed his life in doing so. As Nick hunts the most relentless creature he has ever faced, the question arises: will history repeat itself?

The Pariah will not falter. It will not stop. But neither will Nicodemus Flynn.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Com.X conventions 2011

Check out previews of Nicodemus Flynn and other great books from acclaimed publisher Com.X at the following upcoming conventions:

San Diego Comic Con - 21st-24th July 2011

MCM Expo (London) - October 2011

Thought Bubble (Leeds) - 19th-20th November 2011

When you get ta Hell, tell 'em De-Gruchy sent ya!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Train Kept A-Rollin'...

2011 is here and despite my lack of updates recently (partly due to the tradition of spending Christmas in a turkey- and alcohol-induced coma), the Nicodemus Flynn train continues to roll along towards its final destination: the town called Awesomeness. Everyone is still hard at work, with Robin, Robert and Amador all turning out great artwork, colours and letters, respectively.

Above is Robin's colour design for Anthony Klein, a hunter who, like Nick, specialises in the supernatural and who has a stake in what happens between Nick and the Pariah.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Extra Sequential #4 - article


Extra Sequential #4, the latest and (sadly) final issue of the fantastic comic-related magazine, has been released online and is available to download for free right now. The issue contains a number of varied and interesting articles, interviews with high-profile creators such as Mike Deodato Jr. and Matt Fraction and also an early look at Nicodemus Flynn with commentary from Robin and me regarding the story, the characters, the artwork and the inspiration behind the whole thing.

It's a great magazine that's well worth checking out and you can download it from:

I'd like to thank Kris Bather and everyone else at Extra Sequential for the article. You can find their website at:

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Character design - May

This is May Marsden, one of the key characters of the story. Robin tried out a few different designs before he came up with this one, which was the design that we settled on for a while. Eventually, however...

...that changed and this became May's final design. We wanted an outfit for her that was practical but still looked pretty cool and stylish, and I think Robin has done a great job in that respect.

Friday, 6 August 2010

First post - teaser artwork

Here's a piece of artwork drawn by Robin and coloured by Robert that was used for promotion at the 2009 Long Beach Comic-Con. Great work as ever by the boys.

Here's a page from the opening scene of the story, showing Nick doing what he does best.

And finally, this is an early cover drawn by Robin. I love the image of Nick and the skull, along with the general composition of the cover.